Project Tz'utujil


AECM Tz'utujil works in the capital of the Tz'utujil kingdom, "Atitlán" which has around 60,000 inhabitants.
The Old Testament translation project that, for several years, a team of translators, reviewers and volunteers from the community together with international consultants have been working to put in the hands of the population, the complete Bible in the language of the region's soul .
Currently works on the revisions of the books of the minor prophets, with the goal that the Old Testament be published along with the New Testament in printed, audio and digital format for mobile phones and computers so that they can be used by the whole community Atitlán

AECM Tz'utujil, also works on the use and promotion of the Scriptures in the mother tongue, incorporating learning materials for primary schools, scripture recordings, hymns, videos and postcards with biblical content.


 AECM Tz’utujil Team