Project Achí


AECM Achi is an association that performs especially the work of translating the Sacred Scriptures into the Maya Achi language.

Projection areas: develops teaching activities on learning the mother tongue to the population in general, to train people capable of mastering the four linguistic areas, listening, speaking, reading and writing in the mother tongue. It offers educational material in the native language to students and teachers. Performs activities with churches in the native language, such as choir concerts and a biblical reading marathon. It also distributes printed material of books already authorized for publication, the pentateuch, historical and poetic books.

Achievements: the 39 books of the old testament have been translated in their entirety, a part of it already authorized for publication and others in the process of revision.
The pentateuch has been recorded in audio in the mother tongue.
The practice of the mother tongue in the churches has been advanced through the promotion. As a result, some churches have their cults in their mother tongue and have formed choral groups.
The goal of AECM is to conclude with the translation of the Holy Scriptures, especially with the Old Testament and to attach the new testamente existing to deliver to the linguistic community Achi the complete Bible to the native language. And to be able to have a personal encounter with God through the language of the heart.